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What is a Chromebook?
Why choose the Chromebook?
Connect your Chromebook to the Internet
Sig-in to the Chromebook
Print from Chromebook

What is a Chromebook?

You can think of a Chromebook as Internet-dependent laptop that starts up super fast (roughly 10 seconds, or a fraction of the time it takes to boot an old Windows computer). They’re relatively lightweight and powered by Google’s Chrome operating system. The device’s name gives you a clue of what kind of OS it uses, and the only app natively stored that runs on the device is the Chrome web browser. Everything else is composed of Web apps (email, photos, documents), or apps that run while you’re connected to a network. Of course, this means there’s very little you can do on the Chromebook without Internet access. The high point about everything being saved on the Web is that you’ll have access to it from any computer. Plus, if your Chromebook ever bites the dust, you won’t have to worry about losing all your apps, documents, and settings.

Key Features:

  • Very lightweight
  • 6-8hr battery life
  • USB ports for USB "Thumb-Drive", "Flash Drive" access, or Mouse
  • VGA port for connecting to projector
  • SD Memory card reader
  • Full keyboard
  • WiFi connectivity

Why did we choose Chromebooks over traditional laptops?

Common Core Curriculum
With common-core on the horizon, it will be essential to have enough computer equipment to perform online testing. The fact is that we just won't have enough computer labs, so we need to use mobile devices. Common core online test platform also requires a keyboard. The Chromebooks have built-in keyboards. 

Limited Funding
Funding is very limited in our district. The Chromebooks cost about $269 so the price is just right. We are able to buy about 3 Chromebooks for what a traditional laptop would cost.

There is virtually no software to maintain. The Chromebooks have solid-state hard drives which boot the Operating System in about 10 seconds. You can't permanently store anything on the Chromebooks, so they will not get viruses or malware. They are managed devices and easy for the technology department to maintain and control. They are very easy to service should there be a problem and very easy to roll out.

How to connect your Chromebook to the Internet

While on TCSD campuses, the Chromebooks will automatically find and attach to the new wireless network. You will not be required to enter any keycodes or passwords.

How to sign-in to the Chromebook

All users are required to sign in to the Chromebook.  All logins are given to the student by their teacher or school counselor.

Teachers can also sign in with their email logins and have more access to try and install apps. To install apps, visit the Chrome Webstore at You can also reach it by clicking the Web Store icon icon in the Apps section of the New Tab page.

Students will not be able to install apps. If there is an app a teacher or you would like to see, let me know the name of the app and it can be pushed out to the Chromebooks for students to use.


The Chromebooks do have the capability to print. We can have them print to any network printer / copier in the district. This will need to be worked out with your school's administration. We can not offer the "Secured Print" feature you are used to, but we can have network printers installed such as the school copiers and have them setup to instantly print.

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