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Currently the district has standardized on the eInstruction product for Interactive classroom learning systems.  There are several eInstruction interactive whiteboards, voters, document cameras, and other multimedia equipment throughout the district.  We have about 90 Ceiling mounted projectors and interactive whiteboards in the district.


Web Tutorials & Training Videos

Workspace Training Videos
CPS Tutorials (K-12)
ExamView Training Videos
RF Clicker Training Videos










Support Documents & Instruction Manuals

DualBoard - Getting Started Guide
TouchBoard - Getting Started Guide
Workspace - Getting Started Guide
Workspace - User Guide
Samsung SDP-860 Document Camera User Guide
MOBI-View - Quick Start Guide

ExamView Assessment Suite  - User Guide

CPS - User Guide
CPS Pulse Clicker - Quick Start Guide
CPS Pulse Clicker - User Guide
CPS - Create Database
CPS - Creating Questions
CPS - Copy / Paste / Re-order Questions
CPS - Create Folders and Lessons
CPS - Managing Class Rosters
CPS - Engage Verbal Questions
CPS - Engage Multiple Lessons
CPS - PowerPoint Quick Step Guide
CPS - Detect CPS Receiver































Common How-To Guides

Calibration Problems
Computer will not keep calibration.  You are being required to calibrate multiple times.  Click this link for instructions on resetting device manager.

Problems with MOBI
Troubleshooting tips for problems with MOBI and MOBI-View Slate

Test your Mobi or DualBoard Pen Batter
Instructions for testing the battery for your Pen

Open ExamView Lesson in Workspace

How to setup aquick class in CPS

Clickers fail to respond during CPS session

CPS Error:  CPS cannot communicate with receiver